All Leathers and Repair is the premiere source in Binghamton for motorcycle leather repair and cleaning services. We not only sell the finest leather goods, but we provide the most skilled leather repair and enhancements services in our area. Whether you have a brand-new leather item that needs fitting or some added personality, or a well-worn one that is in need of repair, you can entrust our leather professionals with its care.

Expert Leather Repair

Have a broken zipper? We can repair it with one of our 2,000 in-stock zippers from quality vendors like Ohio Travel Bag. We can match your new zipper to any color, size or shape of leather item. We can also do expert button or snap repair, sew and fix your favorite pair of boots, and restitch and sew torn pants, vests, hats, or shoes. We can clean and refresh your valuable UGG boots, and clean all types of suede items from handbags to vests to shoes, right at our shop in Binghamton. Leather working is our passion, and our skilled team can handle the toughest of jobs.

Many of our clients entrust their high-end, expensive designer leather handbags to us for repair, often reporting that the damaged element (zipper, strap, etc.) looks just like the original stitching, and that it's stronger than when first purchased. Don't discard or stop using that favorite handbag just because it's damaged. Let our team make it like new, or even better than new! You'll never find damage to your repaired item such as sewn-up pockets or crooked stitching. It will be perfect and better than before.